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 Hi ! & thank you for visiting my site !

Here's a little bit about me !


I am an Artist /Photographer based in beautiful Devon UK. I am also a licensed bird ringer & run a small bird rehabilitation centre also . My life is immersed in wildlife oriented things & this

gives me the daily inspiration for my paintings & photographs .

I am also lucky enough to have travelled to some of the most beautiful places on the planet in search of my subjects .Africa being one place that is very special to me &  I find inspiration on every visit to this beautiful continent ! Botswana is very dear to my heart & I co -guide safaris there most years.

Birds,however are my overiding passion & I have been able to work in beautiful places like Mongolia & the Tibetan plateau on projects involving conservation of species like the Saker falcon . By means of trapping these birds & fitting satellite tags to them we further understand how best to conserve the species .


In short I eat ,sleep, drink nature on a daily basis & I do hope this comes across in my work .


Please do feel free to contact me for any commisioned works or guided safari's enquiries you may have .

Thank you for your visit !

South Brent,Devon,UK.

01364 716396

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